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BIB is a service of the Republic of Austria for education, training and technology systems for research centres and businesses. BIB links up exportable aspects of the Austrian education, training, science and technology system with export business interests on a project-related basis at domestic and international level.



AREEA offers consulting, engineering and training services as well as delivery, assembly, start-up and maintenance of systems for supply of water, waste water treatment, waste management, improvement of air quality, human and bio monitoring, regional development and traffic engineering as well as Environmental Quality Centres (EQC).

Greiner Industrial Training

GIT (Greiner Industrial Training) is the Training and Competence Centre of Greiner packkaging, active in the fields of mould and die making, plastic processing for packaging. GIT offers a modular training concept that ensures flexible and efficient qualification of trainees. Special emphasis is given to packaging and new manufacturing technologies.

IMC Fachhochschule Krems

The IMC University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading institutes in Austria. Degree programs are held in the fields of Tourism Management and Leisure Industry, Export- Oriented Management, Health Care Management, Corporate Governance and Electronic Business, Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology as well as Care Consulting and Management.

Salzburg Tourism School

STS (Salzburg Tourism School) is a premier hospitality service-oriented management school in Europe. The Institutes deliver the best education in the fields of Travel & Tourism Agency Management, Hotel Management and Food & Beverage Management, developing first class experts in the field of Hospitality.


With a market share of 20 percent, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce's Institute of Business Promotion (WIFI) is the top training and further education institute in Austria. More than 320,000 participants attend approx. 26,000 courses p. a., taught by 11,000 trainers. WIFI has an extensive national network of training institutes throughout Austria.

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